Friday, March 26, 2021

The OKR virus. How to engage one team and then spread it across the office

Zapraszamy na nasze kolejne spotkanie poświęcone tym razem OKR-om, które odbędzie się 20.04.2021 o godzinie 18:00.

Będzie trochę teorii, trochę praktyki, a na koniec sesja Q&A :)

Thanks to meeting online, we are happy to host Mitya Gladyshev from Amsterdam, who will present to us topic of implementing OKRs in quite difficult conditions :)

There is an apocalypse in Amsterdam. The whole office is deep in lockdown. Nobody knows what “remote work” actually means. The Spotify model doesn’t teach you how to reach goals. While executives are on fire, one desperate manager decides to implement OKRs from the ground zero (and bottom-up!).
In my talk, I’ll cover how gradual OKR implementation can unite the team, fix the remote work challenges with a data-driven approach, and how viral effect is better than a whole squad of OKR-coaches.

Mitya Gladyshev
Engineering manager with a startup mindset and a track record of building high-performing remote teams. Currently steering 3 chapters with a total headcount of 50 in Amsterdam fintech software provider. My favorite sport is applying software architect background and Agile practices to disrupt old-school corporate processes.

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