Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ACE! Conference – quick overview

The 5th edition of ACE! (Agile Central Europe) Conference was awesome as usual :). The conference gathered about 250 participants and 19 fabulous speakers. The unique atmosphere was enhanced by this years stunning venue an old  tram depot, renewed and adapted for conference purposes, placed in the heart of Krakows historic district, Kazimierz.

Diversity was the strength of the agenda. Even topics that seemed similar on first glance were covered in completely difference manners by speakers. Some points of view were controversial! Especially those connected with SAFe (pronounced [SAFe booo] ;)). People, who didnt have an opinion on certain topics before conference, could easily get one especially that bright and dark sides were discussed. Of course diversity brought people to vivid discussions :) Face to face and on twitter! 

Audience, author: Andy Brandt
Discussions, discussions and once again discussions during the breaks! It is so amazing what you could talk in a queue for coffee :) (BTW coffee was excellent thanks to Code Sprinters who brought Italian baristas with specially selected coffee grains for this occasion). 

Coffee by CodeSprinters, author: Andy Brandt
Standing up and then sitting back was an activity required from the audience during nearly each talk. Not all speakers did so, however, there was a case when people were asked to stand up and sit down only to maintain tradition ;)

Open Space topics was great, as usual :) Personally I liked the most lego one (you can check it on photo below). Directly after Open Space the party began. Unfortunately some people decided to leave after the last talk and not to return for the after party so it was quite cameral. Some of the people played Fluxx (the most hilarious game Ive ever experienced!), other just talked, drank beer and ate sausage. Ohhh! There were also another kind of game the aim was to hit someones beer with a handmade paper plane ;) Crazy? Yep! Thats why this after party was so awesome!

Open Space, author: Andy Brandt
Have you missed ACE! conference? Dont worry! The next awesome agile conference in Krakow starts soon! See you at ALE14, I hope!

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ACE! author: Andy Brandt