Sunday, November 19, 2017

Paul Klipp "Welcome to the Jungle"

Hi Friends.

On Thursday, 28th November 7:00 pm, we have a great pleasure to meet with Paul Klipp. The host of the event is SmartRecruiters company. 

What Paul has said about his talk: 
"Startup entrepreneurs didn’t invent agile or lean thinking. Both the principles and practices used by “cutting-edge” startups and innovative web shops came out of large corporations. And yet, I keep running into resistance when I’m training in multinationals. I'm told, “That may work in your little startups, but our environment is too complex." So, after decades of working with small teams in greenfield startup projects, I took a project management job at the biggest, oldest, global company I could find, just to prove that the theory works even under complex conditions. I’ll be sharing my stories and experiences after almost a year of taking the lean principles I've used in startups into a world of distributed teams, annual performance reviews, conference calls, and acronyms. Some are funny; some are sad, but overall my findings will offer encouragement to people who punch a time clock and wear shoes to work."

Paul is the founder of Lunar Logic and He has been involved in encouraging, supporting, and participating in Polish agile communities for over a decade. He was an early adopter of the Kanban Method and is the only Accredited Kanban Trainer in Poland. He is currently working for the HSBC Service Delivery in Krakow.

See you On Thursday, 28th November  7:00 pm in SmartRecruiters office (Fabryczna 20a, Kraków),
ALE Kraków

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