Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 21: Alexey Pikulev - [WORKSHOP] Getting started with the Team Trust canvas

Dearest Community!

On our last meeting before Easter, we will be hosting Alexey Pikulev, working currently in Luxoft as an Agile Coach. The event will be quite unusal, because in the workshop formula. The seats are limited so hurry up and sign to the event on Meetup!


Let’s talk about Trust. I have noticed that we often talk about the importance of Trust in relation to the team, to subordinates, to managers, to spouses and to politicians. Furthermore, we all know that trust is necessary and important for all people. But how can we build good, long-term relationships in practice? How can we get team members to concentrate on trust development? What practical tools and exercises can help us to build or strengthen Trust?
He's going to present you the Team Trust canvas, a practical instrument which can help you to grow your team trust. We will discuss may this instrument be useful and how to apply it.

Venue: Metaforma Cafe
Start: 19:00
Timebox: 1-1,5 hours with discussion

About Alexey:

I’m a Management 3.0 enthusiast and Agile coach at Luxoft with many years of experience of working with a variety of organizations from start-ups to international enterprise corporations. The main focus of my training is Agile Leadership practices and its applications in the organization culture. As a Coach, I am not going to tell your organization what to do but will help you to find the right solution on your own. My current passion is building an engaging creative-work culture in the team, company and community levels by using a variety of creative concepts from coaching to business games .
Co-author of A Scrum Master's Practical Toolbox book.

See you soon!
ALE Kraków Team

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