Monday, May 31, 2021

Emotional regulation in practice

Hello ALE Kraków friends,
This time, we would like to give you an interesting talk.
It will be about the emotional regulation - how to work remotely if our mind is like a highway of thoughts.
After a year of pandemic it's become clear that working remotely is not just sitting anywhere with your computer and doing stuff. There are more voices rising hands on How can we develop our way of working remotely to be able to overcome intense emotions.
This talk will cover concrete techniques we can use to be able to work efficiently from home.
For whom is this meetup/presentation:
This can be a relief for everyone who tasted the sense of remote work for more than a couple of months, and is looking for some help to start self-regulation techniques. It can be a nice inspiration for team members as well as for team coaches and managers, and for everybody interested in the topic of how to take procrastination seriously.
About speaker:
My name is Maria, I work currently as a Senior QA Engineer in Brainly, in a company that wants to be an Educational hero available for all kids in the world. I have a naturally curious mindset, which makes the work easier for me. I am sensitive to many forms of beauty: music, art, fashion, and nature. I love singing, so I am looking forward to being a solist one day.
The talk will be in English


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