Thursday, May 2, 2019

[ALE Workshop] How to overcome your immunity to change?

Hi Friends,

How many times have you tried to change your behavior? How many times have you failed?
Don't worry! Failing is not a problem if you know how to recover again!

During the session, we will learn how our mental immune system protects us from changes that harm us - but also from those that are good for us. That's why we do not make the change.
This will be a very practical session: every participant will identify her/his behaviors she/he wants to introduce, examine what stops her/him from behaving like that and design experiments to test these findings. Finally, we will learn how to act after the session which is the key to success.
Workshop will be led by Marek Cienkiewicz, who tells about himself:
"I am an IT manager working with people and for people. Currently I am very keen on learning how to verify if the way we perceive the world, how we think the world is, can be adjusted to changing circumstances of our lives. I think I found a great method to do so and I want to share it with you!"

Important Notes For Participants:

Marek, Martin, Marcin

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