Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Putting the pieces together: successful product = people + trust

No matter if you work in big or small company, running IT projects may seem like assembling 10k jigsaw puzzles. A challenge that requires a lot of effort to put all the pieces together. We came a long and exciting way to get to a place where we more or less know how to do it.
We’d like to tell you a story about how we run projects in u2i, 50+ people web development consulting company. Projects that are based on partnership, trust and transparency. Where people are not resources and there is no fixed contract. Where we all care about the value and the quality. We’d like to share with you what we learned and how we got there but don’t hide the difficulties and failures we had (and still have) on the way.

About the speakers:
Kasia Ryniak ( joined u2i three years ago with a background in psychology. She quickly discovered that agile software development is the thing she’s interested in more than personality disorders. She’s now a Scrum Master on two projects and has a true passion for organizational development and work culture.

Tomek Handzlik joined u2i almost four years ago. Ex-developer with 6 years of experience, currently full time Scrum Master on two projects trying to explore and extend his role beyond standard definition. Privately he’s a coffee lover and novice barista trying to convince his team mates that there is nothing more exciting than having a conversation over a delicious cup of espresso (spoiler: beer works much better)

About u2i:
u2i is a web development consulting company where a team of 53 people help their clients to achieve business goals through technology.

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