Tuesday, September 6, 2016

19 of September: Wojciech Burkot - "Getting out of a software monolith" [ENG]

We are very pleased to invite you to another meet up in September! This time we will welcome Wojtek Burkot on stage :)

Wojciech Burkot - "Getting out of a software monolith"

Wojtek will talk about getting out of a software monolith: old and ugly but bread bringer nevertheless. A monolith, written by people no longer around, or the ones pretending they had nothing to do with its creation, is a side effect of an early success of product organization. Regretfully, this success usually predates proper organization structure and all the attempts at changing the monolith face inevitable effects of Conway’s law “The organization of the software and the organization of the software team will be congruent”.
The talk will be an attempt at synthesis, as we all are bored to death by analytical case studies, still some examples will be provided, without naming the names.

About our speaker:
Wojtek Burkot is one of the most wanted professionals in Polish IT world. During last years he shared his knowledge and experience supporting Motorola, built Cracow's Google engineering team and played a CTO role for Allegro Group. Wojtek worked as a researcher in CERN, holds a PhD in nuclear physics and spent a couple of years educating future IT psofessionals at AGH University of Science and Technology and Jagiellonian University.

Let's meet at 7 pm and start the talk at 7:10 pm. 
Networking and discussions are welcomed after the presentation :)

When: 19th of September 2016
Where: Klub RE, Świętego Krzyża 4, Kraków (http://www.klubre.pl/kontakt.htm)

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