Tuesday, March 4, 2014

33rd Degree Conference

More and more Agile events are coming to Krakow. We've already informed you that on 20-22 August we will be hosting ALE2014 unconference. On 16-17 June we will see Agile Central Europe Conference. Now we're happy to share news about one more Agile and Lean event that will happen just week before ACE!

33rd Degree Conference is a largest Java conference in central Europe, and one of the biggest in Europe. We know that good Java developers love Agile, and so we've seen Jeff Sutherland speaking at 33rd Degree 4 Charity on October 2013.

Forth edition of 33rd Degree will happen on 9-11 June 2014 in Krakow. As usually we're expecting lot of Agile stars. So far, their presence confirmed Mary and Tom Poppendieck, who over decade ago, translated ideas of Lean Production to Software Development.Tom Gilb, grandfather of Agile, and creator of EVO methodology will join us as well.

You can find more details at conference web site: http://33degree.org.

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